“I thought I knew something about the subject having been accepted into a nine-month leadership program several years ago, but Henry Givray comprehensively defined and discussed leadership from a totally new perspective that broadened my scope and understanding of what I can strive to achieve. I was wowed. ” 
President – Marketing and Print Management Company
“Your presentation was not only inspirational, but innovative. After hearing your ideas and strategies, I realized your insights were different from most every other speaker and book writer with whom I have had contact. I realized that your ideas were really more of a change in culture and attitude, rather than just another process. After hearing you, I recognize that I wanted to adopt your ideas not just for my business life, but for my personal life. I have just turned 60 years old and I now have the opportunity (and wisdom) to see the benefit of your ideas.”
President – Business Brokerage Firm
“I’m a relatively new CEO, having been in the job a little over three years, striving hard to be a leader for my company. The information you shared in the keynote and the breakout session was really on target for me where I am right now personally and with my efforts to build a powerful management team. Those two to three hours alone made attending the conference a valuable investment for me and I believe, my company.”
President & CEO – Manufacturing Company        

“You really nailed the keynote today. Formal thanks will come but our quick feedback is best summed up by our company president. He just told me he puts you and Jack Welch in the same company as the top two keynote speakers he has seen. Pretty good company, and coming from an individual who has very discriminating taste in this matter.”

Senior Vice President  Events Industry Services Company            
“Your closing keynote was not only powerful, it touched me deeply on a personal level, challenging me to do better and be better. Thank you for your excellent presentation and for your challenge to aim for higher and deeper levels of leadership.”
President – Hospital and Healthcare Consulting Firm / Past Chief Elected Officer Medical Association
“As a life-long student and real-life practitioner of leadership and the principles you outlined in your remarks, I wanted to let you know that your ‘The Passion of Leadership’ presentation at the recent ASAE Convention in San Diego spoke to me in a very direct and personal way. Thank you again, Henry, for inspiring me to continue my personal, professional, and passionate development as a leader.”
Executive Director, Government Affairs – Trade Association
“Your presentation really resonated with me. I have been thinking about it for several days now and how I might meet (or at least aspire to) meet the challenge of living the distinguishing qualities of true leaders. Great stuff.”
Principal – Legal Industry Consulting Firm
“Your presentation on leadership was very interesting, very true, and also very inspirational. Thank you for giving us that valuable part of your knowledge about leadership. I was very happy to learn how to judge true leadership and understand its real dimensions.”

MBA Student – The Johnson School at Cornell University

“You are a great speaker with practical, life-changing ideas!"
Chief Financial Officer – Manufacturing Company
“I must say this is one of the best presentations I have seen, and I have seen a lot of them and it’s the only one I have seen that has its entire focus on doing the next right thing at all times with all people in personal and business relationships. Well done!”
President – Marketing and Print Solutions Company
“Fantastic presentation. As someone who has spent 27 years in management, always striving for ‘leadership’, I found this morning to be very informative and inspiring.”

Vice President – Fortune 500 Company

"My ‘nod’ for this year's ‘worth-the-price-of-admission' presentation (at our industry association’s annual convention) goes to Henry Givray. Only one word can truly express my opinion of Henry's presentation – AWESOME! One of the best presentations about leadership and management that I've ever heard and at 63 years old, and considering that I've read a lot of books on that subject and attended lots of events where that subject was discussed I think that's saying something. Henry's presentation was not just excellent, it was extremely well organized and given with, yes, PASSION. Thank you, Henry."
Managing Director – Management Consultancy
"Your presentation was excellent, both in terms of your delivery and your content. It was perfectly aligned with goals of our meeting, and our entire group was in awe. It was a home run!"
Chief Executive Officer – Events Industry Services Company
"I appreciate the time, thought and effort which you put into this powerful presentation. More than ever, America needs effective leaders in all facets of our society.  Thank you for helping me understand how important it is for all of us in a position of leadership to answer the call."
Executive Vice President – Manufacturing Company

“In life, there are few people who can affect your life in the way you did last week for me. You have really organized the concept of leadership in a way I have not seen before. Your thoughts are also so complete.”
"Our CEO ended the day by giving us his thoughts, and he started by again saying how he enjoyed your presentation, and that it was one of the best leadership presentations he has ever heard (and I am sure he has heard many)."
Director, Client Services, Information Technology – Medical Center
"The feedback from our session has been overwhelming. My favorite comment came from one of our operating committee members (several were in attendance) who personally came to my office to say that your presentation was better than ANY of the people we paid $$$ to present at our National Sales Training meeting in February."
Vice President – Fortune 500 Medical Device Manufacturer
"I would be remiss not to let you know how impressed I and others were with your presentation. I found it to be most thought-provoking and motivating. I am a past president of a trade association and have been to many conferences over the years. Your presentation was one of the very best we have had. Thank you for sharing with us some of the leadership methods you have used so successfully."
Vice President, Operations – Funeral Services Company
"It's just over three weeks since the Leaders Forum and I constantly find myself reflecting back on the experience.  While most of the day was filled with great information and moreover great inspiration, I continue to think back to your closing.  You certainly don't need me to tell you how ridiculously powerful it was and how it grabbed the attention of all of us the room who had not seen it previously, but I feel compelled to tell you so."
President – Bath Hardware and Fixture Distribution Company / Chief Elected Officer  – Industry Association
"I recently heard you speak at our company and was inspired by what you had to say. I simply wanted to thank you for your time and energy and the pearls of wisdom that I took from you that day. Your enthusiasm for leadership reminded me of one of my favorite quotes, which is filled with hope: `What would that life be like if we had equal faith in that part of us which was fading away ... as that part of us which was growing.'"
Marketing Communications Manager – Fortune 500 Medical Device Manufacturer
"I thought your presentation was outstanding! Needless to say, several people provided similar unsolicited comments. Many people were very motivated by your thoughts on leadership."
Managing Director – Financial Advisory Firm
"I thought your presentation was awesome! Clear, concise, powerful examples. So many of the attendees made a point to tell me how much they enjoyed your session. A few even said your presentation was one of the best ever heard."
Senior Vice President – Exhibition and Event Services Company
"I was moved by your comments, especially those related to integrity."
President – Building Material Manufacturing Company